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Contact lenses aren’t always used just to correct vision. There are some eye conditions that can cause vision problems and need medical lenses to correct them. Most of these eye conditions are non-refractive and medical lenses help to soothe any pain that might be caused by these conditions and balance any impaired eyesight that may occur. It’s important to know that medical contact lenses are different than normal corrective lenses because they aren’t used to repair refractive issues.

All About Medical Contact Lenses

Dealing with an eye condition can cause pain and irritation. It can be difficult to see properly and you might find that you struggle to function each day. Your optometrist will likely recommend using medical contact lenses to soothe your eye and clear up your vision. If you’re dealing with a diseased cornea, you could be dealing with one of the various issues that can affect the eye.

The diseased cornea is an umbrella term to describe many different issues that affect the cornea of your eye specifically. This could be an infection or erosion of the outer layer of the cornea. Medical contact lenses can directly transfer medication to the affected cornea and help soothe the irritation that might occur.

The effectiveness of these lenses will just depend on your specific situation. Having medical contact lenses can be beneficial because you won’t have to worry about your eyes becoming dry throughout the day and struggling to apply eye drops. Medical contact lenses help keep the eye protected and also help stop any further damage from occurring.

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