Transitioning From Glasses to Contact Lenses: What To Expect

Transitioning From Glasses to Contact Lenses: What To Expect

Glasses are optical devices that correct vision problems, enhancing clarity and focus. You might benefit from glasses if you're squinting to read a book or struggling to see distant signs. They're not just for the nearsighted or farsighted. They cater to vision issues like astigmatism (refractive error) and presbyopia (loss of eyesight). Wearing glasses comes with benefits, such as crisp, clear words on a page, the sharpness of details in a landscape, or the ease of recognizing faces from a distance—all made possible by the right pair of glasses. Consider them a window to a transparent world.

Precision Eye Care is your destination for optical precision. We provide a warm, welcoming environment where professionals assess your unique visual needs with or without glasses and contact lenses in Honesdale, Dingmans Ferry, Carbondale, and Lake Ariel, PA. Whether you're a bookworm struggling with small print or a road trip enthusiast trying to enjoy the scenery without squinting, Precision Eye Care is where your journey to clearer vision begins.

Transitioning From Glasses to Contact Lenses: What To Expect

Transitioning from glasses to contacts can be a transformative experience, offering newfound freedom and convenience. Contacts sit directly on your eyes, providing a wider field of vision without any frames obstructing your view. The initial adjustment might take a few days as your eyes adapt to the sensation of wearing contacts.

Putting in contact lenses requires a gentle touch. Start by washing your hands thoroughly, then delicately place the lens on the tip of your finger. With a steady hand, look straight ahead and gently position the contact on your eye. It might take a few attempts to get it right, but practice makes perfect.

Once the contacts are in, the difference is remarkable. You won't have to deal with adjusting frames or dealing with reflections. Your appearance also changes. Contact lenses allow your natural beauty to shine without the barrier of glasses. However, be diligent about hygiene. Clean your contacts regularly and adhere to the recommended wearing schedule to prevent discomfort or infections.

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At Precision Eyewear, expect a seamless experience when obtaining contact lenses. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through a comprehensive eye exam to determine the perfect prescription. Choose from a diverse range of high-quality contact lens options, ensuring comfort and clear vision. Our experts will provide personalized fitting and usage instructions. Enjoy hassle-free transactions and reliable aftercare services. Experience clarity and convenience with Precision Eyewear's commitment to your optical well-being.

Please explore our website to learn about the conditions we treat and the services provided. For questions regarding contact lenses in Honesdale, Dingmans Ferry, Carbondale, and Lake Ariel, PA, or to schedule an appointment at Precision Eye Group, we have three convenient locations for our patients. Please call Honesdale at (570) 253-6551, Carbondale at (570) 282-4080, Dingmans Ferry at (570) 686-1102, and Lake Ariel at (570) 698-4140.

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