Specialty Medical Contact Lenses

Specialty Medical Contact Lenses

Precision Eye Group is a skilled team of expert doctors who can help with many vision problems. For instance, we can fit you with specialty contact lenses in Honesdale, Dingmans Ferry, Carbondale, & Lake Ariel, PA that may help with a variety of common problems. Just as importantly, we can help you manage your vision and any potential diseases quickly and efficiently to ensure your care satisfaction.

Why They're Important

Specialty contacts are designed for people with specific types of vision problems. They vary based on many factors, such as how they fit in your eyes, what kind of issues you might experience, and much more. Some are simply stronger than others and designed for more severe problems.

Whatever the case, it’s important that you know which is right for you. At Precision Eye Group, we can diagnose vision problems and also help you choose contact lenses in Honesdale, Dingmans Ferry, Carbondale, and Lake Ariel, PA that make sense for your needs.

What They Treat

Getting specialized contacts is a smart choice for many people and is one that can pay dividends down the road for years to come. It’s specifically a great option for people with unique problems that affect their vision. These issues can impact many people and are some of the most common issues that you need to consider when getting contacts. Here are a few that you need to take seriously:

  • Severe Dry Eyes: When you have a condition that causes severe dry eyes, you might need specialty contacts that can reduce this problem or react to it properly.
  • Infection or Trauma: Damage to your cornea may change its shape permanently, which will require you to get specialized contacts to keep your eyes strong.
  • Corneal Diseases: Specialized contacts can help correct a variety of corneal diseases, including protecting you from bulging eyes, thinning cornea problems, and even light sensitivity.
  • Eye Surgery: If you’ve had eye surgery before, you might need a specialized contact lens that can fit the new shape of your cornea and ensure that your vision remains strong.
  • Sensitive Eyes: If your eyes are more sensitive than normal, you might need a special contact set to adapt your eyes to things like excessive light, dust, and other irritants.

Get Great Contacts Today

Our crew at Precision Eye Group can help you find specialty contact lenses in Honesdale, Dingmans Ferry, Carbondale, & Lake Ariel, PA that manage your specific needs. No matter what problem affects your vision, we’ll do what we can to help you. Please contact us in Honesdale at (570) 253-6551, in Dingmans Ferry at (570) 686-1102, in Carbondale at (570) 282-4080, or in Lake Ariel at (570) 698-4140 to learn more about the unique ways that our team can help you.

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